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DermaQuest™ Peptide Glyco Creamy Cleanser (15%)


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Peptide Glyco Cleanser is lusciously exfoliating for a healthy glow and boasts as a natural cleansing agent.



Get radiant skin with glycolic acid fortified DermaQuest Glyco Creamy Cleanser.
This gentle cleanser effectively removes impurities from the surface of the skin down to the pores without irritating the skin or over-drying.
Specially formulated to remove dead skin cells and excess oil, Glyco Creamy Cleanser enhances the skin’s natural regeneration process while regulating oil production for a fresher, more balanced complexion.
By promoting dermatologic balance, this treatment opens the skin up to receive the moisture and nutrients it needs to be healthy and look amazing.
Additionally, DermaQuest Glyco Creamy Cleanser resurfaces the skin for a softer, smoother texture. Glycolic acid concentrated at 3.25pH refines the appearance and feel of the skin for a gorgeous complexion.
If you’re looking for a daily cleanser that refines the skin while removing age and blemish causing impurities, then Glyco Creamy Cleanser is your solution.
Treat your skin to the moisturizing, purifying treatment of Glycolic Acid.
Product Size: 236.6ml